Ariel Misick QC and Jahmal Misick successfully secure acquittal

Ariel Misick QC and Jahmal Misick of Misick & Stanbrook successfully defend the Acting Deputy Commissioner of Police of the Turks and Caicos Islands, who, in a unanimous verdict was acquitted of recklessly allowing his private interest to improperly influence his conduct in the performance of this duties as a public official, on 17th November 2014.

The Acting Deputy Commissioner was originally charged with five counts of corruption, but after successful legal arguments put forward by Ariel Misick QC: three were dismissed by the former Chief Justice Goldsburgh, at pre-trial, on the ground that they were defective; and a further count was dismissed by Chief Justice Ramsay-Hale, at trial, on the ground that there was not sufficient evidence to prove an offence had been committed.  Only one count, of which the Commissioner was acquitted, went to the jury.

Following his acquittal, the Acting Deputy Commissioner has been reinstated to the Police Force and will return to his duties.