7 Nov 2017

Judicial Review and Constitutional Law

The principles of administrative and constitutional law govern the manner in which government interacts with its citizens, both individual and corporate. They exist to ensure that the powers of government are exercised solely within legal bounds.

Judicial Review applies to the judicial challenge of decisions taken by public bodies such as government departments, and regulatory bodies and also to quasi-public bodies exercising public functions.

Our Team of Lawyers advises individuals, companies, and organizations on how to challenge the decisions of regulators and governmental bodies whose economic or other interests are affected. We also advise on human rights issues affected by the decisions of public bodies.

Our Team has acted as counsel in many of the leading Constitutional cases to have been brought before the Supreme Court of the Turks and Caicos as well as the appellate courts, including the Privy Council. Especially in the Privy Council, the decisions can have influence in shaping the law internationally and particularly in common law and commonwealth countries.