19 Jan 2019

New “Economic Substance” legislation to have significant effect on TCI entities

What’s this all about? The European Union (“EU”) has long been concerned at loss of tax revenue to its member states through the use of companies and other entities in low or zero-tax jurisdictions that occurs by enabling profits to be shifted to the low tax jurisdiction, from the EU member state in which they were generated.  As a result of this, the EU believes that its member states are losing very significant tax revenue.  …

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28 Aug 2014


Introduction This is a simplified guide to the process of buying a property in the Turks and Caicos Islands. While all reasonable endeavors are taken to ensure that it is correct at the time of print it does not purport to be an exhaustive analysis of the relevant laws as may be applicable to you. We trust that it will; however, provide you with sufficient background information on the law in the Turks and Caicos …

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8 Apr 2014


Misick & Stanbrook are delighted to announce that Karen Willis was called to the Turks & Caicos Bar in March 2014 before CJ Goldsbrough – Chief Justice, and welcome her as the newest member of the Misick & Stanbrook team of attorneys. Prior to being called, Karen worked closely under the guidance of Owen Foley to complete her pupillage, and has been actively involved in the negotiation of a development agreement for a Latin American …

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12 Nov 2013


Condominium and villa investors will have a more affordable, flexible and attractive opportunity to invest in the Turks and Caicos Islands’ (TCI) real estate following the enactment of the Fractional Ownership Ordinance. The Ordinance has not yet come into force but shall do so once a notice has been published in the Gazette, to this effect. The Ordinance allows investors to buy a fractional interest, akin to schemes elsewhere in North America, in a property …

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