7 May 2020


After six weeks of a total  lockdown  the Islands have started to  reopen  again  with a phased and  gradual reopening of  certain  businesses.  Commencing  this week on  4th May  the  hardware shops  and all food shops were  permitted to  reopen and the  day time  curfew was lifted.

On  Monday 11th  May  some Government offices will begin to reopen  for critical services to the general public, although  continued  use of  online  services are encouraged where  possible.  Some businesses  including  law firms  will  also  be  permitted to  reopen on May 11th  with  a  very  limited number of  staff permitted on premises at any time. This will allow urgent business to be conducted with social distancing measures in place when physical presence at the  office is  absolutely required.

For the  main part  the  majority of our staff will  continue to  shelter in  place and work  for  home to  allow  those who really  need to  be at the  office  to  do so when necessary.  As a result of this if your  physical attendance at  our office  is necessary  please be sure to  make arrangements in advance with the  attorney  or professional  you  will be seeing to  ensure that they will be at the office when you attend. It is  mandated  by  law that face coverings must be  worn in all  public places and  for your safety and that of our staff, you will  be required to wear a face covering  to  enter  and for the  duration of your time at our offices.

The Turks & Caicos Islands stimulus package including the 50% stamp duty  reduction remains in place to  30th June 2020.  The Turks & Caicos Islands Courts have now also put measures in place to allow   matters to proceed in a safe  manner.  We expect further announcements about the next phase of the reopening before the end of the  month  and we will continue to  update you. The Government continues to  post regular updates  to its web site https://gov.tc   where the  most recent  regulations can  also be found.   

All members of the Misick & Stanbrook team remain committed to assisting you  through these difficult times. We thank  you for  your support and  patience and trust you and  your families will stay healthy and safe.


Misick & Stanbrook